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Variables that customize the behavior of PowerShell
Collect Azure Activity Logs into Log Analytics across subscriptions
Use Event Hubs and Logic Apps to collect data from the Azure Activity Log and send it to an Azure Log Analytics workspace in a different tenant.
Application performance FAQs for Azure web apps
Get answers to frequently asked questions about availability, performance, and application issues in the Web Apps feature of Azure App Service.
Tutorial - Grant access to an ASP.NET web API from a web app using Azure Active Directory B2C
Tutorial on how to use Active Directory B2C to protect an ASP.NET web api and call it from an ASP.NET web app.
Developing ASP.NET Core MVC Apps
Architect Modern Web Applications with ASP.NET Core and Azure | developing ASP.NET Core MVC Apps
Implementing the microservice application layer using the Web API
.NET Microservices Architecture for Containerized .NET Applications | Implementing the microservice application layer using the Web API
How to: Develop a WCF Data Service Running on IIS
This topic shows how to use WCF Data Services to create a data service that is based on the Northwind sample database that is hosted by an ASP.NET Web application that is running on Internet Informati...
Creating the Data Service
In this task, you will create a sample data service that uses WCF Data Services to expose an Open Data Protocol (OData) feed that is based on the Northwind sample database. The task involves the follo...
Security Considerations (Entity Framework)
This topic describes security considerations that are specific to developing, deploying, and running Entity Framework applications. You should also follow recommendations for creating secure .NET Fram...
Token.OnPreRender(EventArgs) Method (Microsoft.PowerBI.AspNet.WebForms.UI.WebControls)
Embed.CollectionName Property (Microsoft.PowerBI.AspNet.WebForms.UI.WebControls)
Token.AccessToken Property (Microsoft.PowerBI.AspNet.WebForms.UI.WebControls)
Report Class (Microsoft.PowerBI.AspNet.WebForms.UI.WebControls)
Embed.GetAccessToken Method (Microsoft.PowerBI.AspNet.WebForms.UI.WebControls)
ReportExtensions Class (Microsoft.PowerBI.AspNet.Mvc.Html)
Token Class (Microsoft.PowerBI.AspNet.WebForms.UI.WebControls)
Embed.RenderContents(HtmlTextWriter) Method (Microsoft.PowerBI.AspNet.WebForms.UI.WebControls)
TokenExtensions Class (Microsoft.PowerBI.AspNet.Mvc.Html)
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When Good HTML Goes Bad: How You Can Protect Your Web Applications
Easing the Migration to Microsoft SQL Server 2005