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 How to Limit the Number of Characters in Asp.Net TextArea with JavaScript?
Posted by Moderator1 on  9/2/2009 9:17:43 AM 5552 Views
This tips will help you to limit the number of characters in the Asp.Net TextArea or Asp.Net Multiline Textbox. It uses a JavaScript function to limit the characters keyed in the TextArea.

Step 1: Add the below JavaScrpit function between the <script></script> in your aspx page.

function fnLimitTextAreaChars(textareaName, NoOfChars)
if (textareaName.value.length > NoOfChars)
textareaName.value = textareaName.value.substring(0, NoOfChars);

Step 2: In the code-behind at Page_Load event, add the two lines as follows.

TextBox1.Attributes.Add("onKeyDown", "fnLimitTextAreaChars(this, 150)");
TextBox1.Attributes.Add("onKeyUp", "fnLimitTextAreaChars(this, 150)");

It's done. Now when you type any letters in the TextArea, it will allow only first 150 characters. The rest will be truncated. Try yourself.

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