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Posted by shanthiniramu on  10/15/2008 8:28:01 AM Category: Asp.Net 2.0
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I have a list of items. I want to set a link buttons (A to Z).
Depends upon the link which is clicked, the focus should go to the corresponding alphabet item.

Ex:- a b c d... z (Link buttons)


if click anyone of the link(LetterA to Z), the focus should be in the corresponding word..

Can Any one help me...

Thanks in Advance.

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Try Anchor tag
Answered By Moderator1 on 10/15/2008 8:40:39 AM

You can try with anchor tag <a></a> instead of Link button. You can also create anchor tag dynamically with the following syntax.

HtmlAnchor hrefA = new HtmlAnchor();
hrefA.HRef = "#A";
hrefA.InnerText = "A";

The general Html syntax for the clickable anchor will be like

<a href="#A">A</a>

The Html syntax for the destination anchor where you want focus will be
<a id="#A">America</a>

Hope this will help you.
Alphabetical search
Answered By shanthiniramu on 10/15/2008 8:59:26 AM
I already did the same scenario in the gridview by using another one process..

Now I'm going to try this.

Thanks a lot...
Answered By shanthiniramu on 10/15/2008 9:19:12 AM
Hi.. I tried ur solution.

Actually my requirement is List of items are shown.
If I click a letter(link), the list of items should be displayed and the word which starts with letter(which is clicked) should be enabled or bold...

There must be difference between the selected one and unselect...

Thank u...
Alphabetic Search
Answered By Ram on 12/15/2008 2:42:15 AM
Hiii..Here U will find the solution....
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