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 Date Format Issues
Posted by Ravi Kumar on  1/8/2009 3:26:54 AM Category: ADO.NET
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I am working on ERP application Using SQL Server and asp.net2.0 . I have problem with date format. i.e If the client system date format is DD/mm/YYYY or mm/DD/YYYY. how to hadle this format and send it to sqlserver so that data can be inserted with out error.

Please provide me the solution.

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Date Format Issues
Answered By Kunwar on 3/4/2009 5:01:11 AM
There are two ways to it.

Either you allow your user to enter Date in fixed format
i.e. MM/DD/yyyy
or you save the Date in UTC Format.

From Kunwar
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Answered By RAJESH KUMAR VISHWAKARMA on 9/26/2009 6:09:05 AM
Try To use Date Picker!

or send me syntax of Table.

or to use varchar datatype.

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