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 Logout similarly like gmail or yahoo acount in
Posted by venkatesh on  7/11/2009 1:50:52 AM Category: Asp.Net 2.0
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I am using c# master page for my site.
My question is: After i logout from my application then i clear all session and redirect to home page (i.e Login page) after that i use browser back then i can able to view all previous page data but i cannot access it which is right. Is there any possibility to avoid viewing the previous page..

1. Avoid cache the page coding in page load it is working fine in I.E not in fire fox.
2. Using cookie working fine but it is not safe to use.
3. History.go(-1) which terminate back when i am in logged state also.[disable total back]

Please give the Logout code for me which is like gmail or yahoo mail or hdfc back sites.

Thanks in advance.

Regards S.venkatesh.

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 Viewer's Reply
Use Forms Authentication
Answered By Moderator1 on 6/22/2010 1:04:12 AM

In order to avoid the problem you faced, you have to use Forms Authentication technique. This will not allow the user to navigate back to visit the previous pages.
Check the below url,
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