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 launch rowupdating from outside the datagrid
Posted by Ellen Van den Vonder on  7/22/2009 8:21:19 AM Category: Asp.Net 2.0
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I've got an ASP.NET page.

At the top of the page I have 3 dropdownlists (terminal, shift, date).

When I select a value in these 3 dropdownlists I get a gridview with data. Each time I change the value of 1 of the dropdownlists the data in the gridview is changed.

In the gridview it is possible to edit the data. Normally you have 1 update-button at each row in the datagrid but this is combined in 1 button (linkbutton) at the top of the gridview. When you change for example 3 different rows in the datagrid and you click the linkbutton at the top the changes of the 3 rows are updated into the database.

Now I wanna do a check if the user has clicked the linkedbutton after changing some data. If the user changed 3 rows but doesn't click the update-linkbutton the changes are not updated into the database.

Is it possible to force the linkbutton-click when changing the top-dropdownlists? Or is it possible to show a messagebox when leaving the gridview, just to remember the user to click the linkbutton to save his changes?

Thanks for helping me!



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