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 2 sqlsource in 1 gridview???
Posted by cheryl on  12/16/2007 9:17:17 PM Category: Asp.Net 2.0
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Hi all,

i want search/view the data first.Then click on edit button to update and cancel on row.
im using storeProc SqlSource1 for search/view data.It function successfully.

But im now need update the query when click on update button by using stroreProc SqlSource2.But the problem is seems like 2 sqlSource cannot under 1 gridview.Is it true?
any suggestion on my problem?

Thanks a lot !

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 Viewer's Reply
Use 1 SqlSource to View and Update Data
Answered By Moderator1 on 12/21/2007 3:56:19 AM
Hi Cheryl,

You can use a single SqlSource control to view and update the GridView control. Try it else post your code we will try to find solution for you.

2 stored procedure in one gridview
Answered By shivani on 12/21/2007 11:57:49 PM
you can use two datasource in one gridview and it can be updated. its depend on the stored procedure.
soln for two source
Answered By kughan.j on 9/19/2008 9:44:43 AM
hi i think you have choose the datasource through the smart tag and as well as given the .cs codes to bing into the grid removw anyont it will work fine
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