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 Save Web Page Content to the user's desired Location?
Posted by Sharmila on  11/6/2009 7:26:51 AM Category: JavaScript
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Hi All,

I want to save the current web page on the clients' machine to some dafault
location or some predefined location.
Is it possible in Internet Explorer using java script.

Thanks in advance.

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 Viewer's Reply
Cannot Control Client Machine
Answered By Moderator1 on 11/6/2009 9:26:11 PM

The one you are saying is about Bookmarking particular page. I can tell you that, you cannot control a client machine from the web browser or the javascript codes. Its better you provide the "BookMark this Page" option to the viewers. This have more advantage, as everytime the user uses this bookmark to view your content, the latest copy will be displayed to the viewers.
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