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 Illustrator tool issue in iis
Posted by Shanu_Sudha on  2/16/2010 4:36:43 AM Category: C#
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Dear All,
I have a small issue but it creates a severe headache...
I've an sample application.
With this application, in one functionality, I need to change the image's design using Illustrator tool.
It perfectly works in my local system. But after configure this application into iis, the illustrator tool is not opened..
It doesn't throw an error.. It still running.. But Illustrator tool is not displayed.. (It takes very very long time).
I gave all the rights to the path in the virtual directory..
Even I gave administrator rights also..
But still the issue remains same.. If anybody help me to solve this problem, It will be very helpful to complete my task.

Thanks a lot..

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Solution for this issue..
Answered By Shanu_Sudha on 2/17/2010 10:38:54 PM
Finally I found the solution for this... I like to share my solution with u all.

Actually, The following solution is very useful to run an .exe file with application...

Sometimes, the application will not open the .exe file easily. Its running in our "Process" task Manager. But, It is not shown in our desktop.. So we must follow these steps...

Step 1:

In secpol.msc, (Security Policies)

Local Policies---> User Rights Assignment ---> Log on Locally --> ASPNET (REMOVE option, remove this ASPNET )

Step 2:

In services.msc,

IIS Admin ---> Properties ---> LogOn (Tab) ---> Check “Allow Service to interact with Desktop”

Stop the Service of IIS Admin.
Restart it . . .

And give ASPNET rights to all folders (Root Directory folder, Execution file also)

Thanks a lot...

Happy Coding...
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