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 Problem when using the code given in the article - 'Simple Insert, Update, Delete in GridView'
Posted by Anandi.A on  7/18/2007 11:17:46 PM Category: ADO.NET
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I have tried using the code given in the article. When I click on Edit link, Update and Cancel links are appearing and the drop down list is also appearing which I have put in the Edit Template column. But after I select a value from the dropdown list and click update, the dropdown list is still visible. But after if I click Cancel, list disppears and the GridView is bound with the updated value.

When I debugged it, I saw that after the Rowupdating method is called, Row data bound event is also called and there the Dropdownlist is not null. So data binding happens to the Dropdownlist.Is this a problem?

But the Cancel link is working fine. (There when it goes to RowDataBound method is called the Dropdownlist is null.)

Please help.

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 Viewer's Reply
Add GridView1.EditIndex = -1;
Answered By Moderator1 on 7/19/2007 11:15:37 AM

In your GridView1_RowUpdating event, after updating your record into database and before fetching it again to fill the GridView control, you have to add the following code

GridView1.EditIndex = -1;

We hope it will work. Otherwise inform us.. sure we will guide you.

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