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 Need Help Adding Paging to Datalist
Posted by sao xiong on  6/7/2010 1:51:30 PM Category: VB.NET
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Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
'1. Get list of images
Dim dirInfo As New DirectoryInfo(Server.MapPath(""))
Dim images() As FileInfo = FilterForImages(dirInfo.GetFiles())

'2. Determine the current image to show
Dim imageRnd As New Random()

'3. returns a random image to show between min-index & max-index - new line also - do not change
Dim imgIndex As Integer = imageRnd.Next(0, maxValue:=(images.Length))

'4. randomizing when 'N' is nothing or set to default.aspx
If Not Request.QueryString("N") Is Nothing AndAlso IsNumeric(Request.QueryString("N")) Then
imgIndex = CInt(Request.QueryString("N"))
End If

'5. set image title & count
currentImgTitle.Text = "Saib Duab: " & _
Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(images(imgIndex).Name) & _
" (" & imgIndex + 1 & " of " & images.Length & ")"
'6. image to display
currentImg.ImageUrl = Path.GetFileName(images(imgIndex).Name)

'7. display current notes onload and when click with requested image - no change needed
If Not Page.IsPostBack Then
currentImageNotes.Text = currentNotes("")
End If

'do not change from here below
'8. sets previous current image -1
If imgIndex > 0 Then
lnkPrev.NavigateUrl = "testdatalistpaging.aspx?N=" & imgIndex - 1
lnkPrev.ImageUrl = "/pt/resources/navigation/wpreviousdouble.png"
End If

'9. set next current image +1
If imgIndex < images.Length - 1 Then
lnkNext.NavigateUrl = "testdatalistpaging.aspx?N=" & imgIndex + 1
lnkNext.ImageUrl = "/pt/resources/navigation/wnextdouble.png"
End If

'testing paging
totalRecord.Text = "Total Photos from Laos: " & images.Length

'bind to datalist
Datalist1.DataSource = images

End Sub

'binds image to DataBind List - do not change
Sub dlIndex_ItemDataBound(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As DataListItemEventArgs)

If e.Item.ItemType = ListItemType.Item OrElse e.Item.ItemType = ListItemType.AlternatingItem Then ' was ListItemType.alternativeItem

'call the Hyperlink id from html document page
Dim hl As HyperLink = CType(e.Item.FindControl("lnkPic"), HyperLink)

'sets navigation url
hl.NavigateUrl = "testdatalistpaging.aspx?N=" & e.Item.ItemIndex

End If
End Sub

'here is datalist footer template for paging


<asp:Label ID="totalRecord" runat="server" Text="totalRecords"></asp:Label>

<asp:LinkButton ID="prev" runat="server"><< Previous</asp:LinkButton>

<asp:LinkButton ID="next" runat="server">Next >></asp:LinkButton>


Please help!

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 Viewer's Reply
DataList Paging with PagedDataSource object
Answered By Moderator1 on 6/8/2010 8:55:27 AM

Read the article in the below url

Please let me know, if you find any problem in using the above article.
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