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Posted by Sandeep S Jadhav on  10/12/2010 12:36:55 PM Category: Asp.Net 2.0
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Hi I m new to ASP.NET...
I am working on Customer Module..where I should do Adding new customer with ASCX file.. and search and view Customer in ASPX where i am going to import my Manage ASCX file to ASPX. So i want to know how can i relate ASCX.CS and ASPX.CS code to access data between these two files. Pls Help me out... I m very new to ASP.NET..
Thank You

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Accessing Properties of Web User Control from Code-Behind
Answered By Moderator1 on 1/16/2011 2:10:14 AM
You need to create public property accessors in the code-behind of the ASCX and after including the ASCX in ASPX, you can easily access the properties of web user control from the code-behinds of the main page.
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