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 How to mimick running OnClientClick for every row as each row is built in GridView
Posted by Road Runner on  1/12/2013 2:22:56 PM Category: C#
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How can I place multiple map pins on google map using row data from a GridView? This is a C# application in Visual Studio 2008. I have GridView1 with server data with a select LinkButton which OnClientClick “return GetSelectedRow(this)”. When clicked it runs a javascript function which extracts longitude and latitude that is used to create a map pin a google map. I want to keep this functionality but I also want to somehow loop through the built GridView1 and put a map pin on the map for every row. Ideally I want to present this map with all the map pins for each row on the first time I present the screen. Is there a way to mimick running that OnClientClick for every row as each row is built? If it cannot be done when the GridView is being built what is best approach ForEach, DoWhile. I have a Counter that I build in another GridVeiw2 with hope of looping through to build all map pins, but that is not working.

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