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 Ajax TabContanier
Posted by susanta kumar das on  5/8/2008 8:03:46 PM Category: AJAX
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hello Every body,

i created dynamically grid view,and dynamically search field,with Ajax tab container,
i have 4 Tab Panel,
1st Tab panel -- VCCPL
2nd tab panel--Vitcom,
3rd Tab panel--Nosies
4th Tab panel--ALL
Dynamically Created search Field
EmpNo-text box,EmpName-text box,DoB-Calender ,These are Dynamically created
used GridView To Display Detail

when i changed my tab panel means vccpl to vitcom,it display records in the gridview
and if search then it display the record in gridview

Every thing is fine,

but my problem is that, when i changed my TabPanel then it didn't display
the dynamically created Controls which is used for searching the records
But my Gridview display,

In OnInit Event i created Controls for searching,so when i changed my TabPanel
it didn't display the controls means These controls EmpNo-text box,EmpName-text box,DoB-Calender ,

It's Urgent Please help me....................................

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