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We, are looking for potential authors who can write articles and tutorials for us. Why don’t you share your knowledge with other Asp.Net programmers? Your work will be rewarded in terms of CASH!

Yes. You need to write articles exclusively for, related to Asp.Net, MS SQL Server, Ajax, Ajax control toolkits, JavaScript, Web Services, XML and other Microsoft technologies. Your article will be reviewed and if selected for publishing, then you can earn cash upto USD 25.

Some tips for successful articles to be published:

* Your article must be in someway related to Asp.Net programming, can be either in c# or VB.NET.
* Use simple English, correct spelling and proper grammar is a must.
* Send your article in Microsoft Word Document or HTML format.
* Your article must be atleast or not less than a page and half in Microsoft Word document.
* Send the source code along with the article with proper indenting and comments wherever necessary. We will provide this source code as "download" to the viewers.
* Place the necessary images in JPG or GIF format in your article itself and also send those images separately to us.
* Make sure your article is not published in any other websites. So we solely need a unique article exclusively written for
* Check our articles published in the Articles Section for proper understanding Article format before you start to write one.

Benefits to Author:

1. Once you submit more than 2 articles, we will provide you a Profile page. Profile page will contain your Name, Photograph, your personal information, experience, list of articles you have published in our website.
2. For each published article, we pay you upto USD 25 as cash.

Terms & Conditions:

* We reserve the rights to accept or reject any article, without specifying any reason.
* We reserve the rights to add, edit or delete any content or section of the article before or after publish.
* We accept articles only in English.
* Payment will be made only through PayPal.
* Payment will be made only after we publish the article.
* Only articles submitted in Microsoft Word or HTML format can be accepted.
* Best articles with innovative concept, proper format, grammar, clear source code, and images are eligible for USD 25.
* Articles must be new and original and must not resemble or copy of any other sources that are published in any media.
* Make sure we have minimal work to publish the article. This will affect the cash value of the article.
* The articles, which are selected to publish but not satisfy our standard, will earn cash value lesser than USD 25.

For further details regarding article writing, you can Contact Us.


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